Haifeng Xu

Haifeng Xu
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
University of Chicago

Current Group Members

Seyed A. Esmaeili

Seyed A. Esmaeili (Postdoc Fellow)
About: Interested in interactions between algorithms, data, individuals and society specifically in fairness and incentive issues.

Minbiao Han

Minbiao Han (PhD Student)
About: Exploring the interplay of economics, algorithms, and machine learning, traversing both anticipation and aspiration.

Jibang Wu

Jibang Wu (PhD Student)
About: Interested in interactions and mechanisms in multi-agent systems, looking ahead at both hype and hope.

Fan Yao

Fan Yao (PhD Student, co-advised with Prof. Hongning Wang)
About: A theory-obsessed pragmatist, a crazy tennis player, and an underachieving daydreamer.

Alec Sun

Alec Sun (PhD Student)
About: Excited about algorithmic mechanism design and beautiful math. Enjoy throwing frisbees in games and throwing frisbee games.

Yuwei Cheng

Yuwei Cheng (PhD Student)
About: Enthusiastic about developing robust and provably efficient ML models to extract knowledge from data.

Undergrads and M.S. Student

Haichuan Wang

Haichuan Wang
About: Undergrad at UChicago
Research project: Understanding the signaling effect of academic papers

Lucien Liu

Lucien Liu
About: Undergrad at UChicago
Research project: Environment API development for Stackelberg games

Derek Zhu

Derek Zhu
About: Undergrad at UChicago
Research project: Prophet inequalities


Quinlan Dawkins

Quinlan Dawkins, Undergrad, 2022
Next stop: nod.ai

Shuze Liu

Shuze Liu, Master, 2022
Next stop: PhD at UVA

Nijat Khanbabayev

Nijat Khanbabayev, Master, 2022
Next stop: Hudson River Trading

Chenghan Zhou

Chenghan Zhou, Undergrad, 2021
Next stop: graduate at Princeton

Jeffrey Tan

Jeffrey Tan, Undergrad, 2020
Next stop: PhD at UC Berkeley


Jamie Nachbar

Jamie Nachbar (summer 2020)
About: undergraduate at Yale
Research project: study the power and limits of signaling

Jakub Černý

Jakub Černý (fall 2022)
About: PhD at NTU
Research project: Dynamic information design

Yifan Guo

Yifan Guo (spring 2023)
About: Undergrad at USTC
Research project: Complexity and mechanism design of information

Junjie Zhang

Junjie Zhang (spring 2023)
About: Undergrad at Tsinghua IIIS
Research project: Game theory and robust information design