About Me

I am the Alan Batson Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UVA. I work broadly on algorithms, game theory and machine learning. Prior to UVA, I was a postdoc at Harvard, hosted by Yiling Chen and David Parkes. I received my PhD in Computer Science at University of Southern California, advised by Shaddin Dughmi and Milind Tambe (now at Harvard). My thesis titled Information as a Double-Edged Sword in Strategic Interactions received Honorable Mention award for both the ACM SIGecom Dissertation Award and IFAAMAS Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award. My CV can be found here.


Office: Rice Hall 522
E-mail: hx4ad AT virginia.edu

About My Research

I study how incentives/information/data affect learning and decision making, which is situated in the general field of computer science and economics (also known as EconCS). The following are some projects that I am actively researching on; Please see my publications for more details.

  • Strategic use of information in game-theoretic settings (a.k.a., persuasion or signaling)
  • How to learn from strategic or adversarial data sources, and what happens at equilibrium
  • The pricing and sell of information/data
  • Resource allocation in adversarial environments, with applications to security, privacy protection and fake news control

Recent News